Roof Repairing

A roof makes up around one-third of your building’s total exterior, making it an integral part of the structure. This means any damage to your roof has the potential to seriously compromise the structural integrity of your home, and as your roof gets older, the more maintenance it may require. We offer comprehensive roof repair services from minor upgrades through to a complete removal of your existing roof material, down to the decking. From identifying water stained wood to replacing rotten wood, our accomplished team can solve any roofing problems.

As experts in roof repair, we are fully licensed and equipped to handle:

Flawed Flashing and Shingle Damage

Roof flashings are normally made of heavy rubber, or metals such as aluminium, to prevent water leaking in and causing damage to your walls and pipes. Roof shingles and flashing are the first line of defence from outside leaks, so when damaged, can cause significant harm to your home.  

Gutter Build Up

Over time, your roof gutter will more than likely accumulate a significant amount of leaf litter and other debris. Gutter build up creates a serious risk as a build up of leaves is not only a tremendous fire hazard, but also acts as a popular breeding ground for mould and other infestation.  

Damaged Soffits

Soffits are a good hideaway place for birds, possums and other small creatures who can often cause damage to your roof.  It is important to monitor and repair soffits when necessary to make sure that these animals do not have space to nestle in the cracks and cause damage.  


Internal moisture is often the result of roof leakages and is a common cause of mould growth. Your walls and ceilings are extremely vulnerable to moisture damage from you roof, not simply costing you in the long-run but also harmful to your health.  

If your roof is more than 20 years old, or badly worn, we recommend getting it inspected by one of our experience roof repair contractors to see what simple roof repairs could help add safety and style to your home. Our dedicated team at KHN Metal Roofing will work to ensure that your roof is properly maintained and repaired to prolong it’s longevity. To kickstart your roof repairs, reach out to our experienced team and talk to a roofing expert today!


They did everything they said they would do. They showed up on time. They delivered product on time. And they completed the job before they said they would. I'm very happy.
Noah W
Workers were great! They cleaned up the job site every night, their work was excellent and we would recommend them for your roofing needs. They finished the job in a timely manner and we are very pleased. Thank you!
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Excellent service, in constant contact and giving helpful updates. Would highly recommend this contractor to family and friends.
Tim M
Absolutely love our new roof! The quality work done in the installation was superb and the communication from the owner throughout the entire process was excellent!
Lisbon T
Very responsive. They got the job done quickly and with care. Material and workmanship was excellent. Great attitude, too. I would definitely recommend KHN Roofing Services.
Josh H
I had a steel roof that was leaking, so they had to remove the steel before beginning to install the asphalt. The workers were prompt and picked up as they made mess. The workers were extremely hard working and had a positive attitude about everything, I would hire them again without any doubt.
Mike A
I would rate KHN Roofing Service 5 star or higher. There were no problems at all. You provided us with all the information and I thoroughly appreciate the time everyone took with my order!
Alfred T
Thanks very much for the excellent service that we received. Your knowledge and experience surpassed our expectations. It will be a pleasure to recommend you at any time!
Lisbon H
The installers did a very good job. It was easy to communicate with them as they did their work. People who went by and saw the finished work commented on the beauty of it. A mate of mine who had his roof done last year said if he had seen mine he'd have chosen it instead. In my opinion, a job well done.
Helen S
We are really please with the roof, it looks great and I am sure it will last a long time. The crew was really professional and did a beautiful job even under difficult weather conditions!
Patrick T